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All news and announcements will remain available for the duration of the Fall League 2013 season.

10/29/2013 TCS-FL seasons ends: Congratulations to Champions!

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U12B Champions are Dryden Gold Falcons.
U12G Champions are ERSA Red.
Awards have been ordered and will be distributed to championship teams in mid-November.

8/26/2013 The final game schedule is now available on the website.

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Any changes to the final schedule must be requested following the instructions in the Policies and Procedures Document.  Changes with less than 14 days notice must be approved by the League Coordinator and will be subject to a fine.

8/10/13 Preliminary Game schedule distributed on August 10, 2013

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The Preliminary game schedule was sent to coaches, managers and Field Coordinators on August 10 and can be viewed or downloaded (available as Excel and PDF) from the Game Schedule page.  It will be updated periodically during the grace period.

All games changes must be reported to the League Coordinator by filling out the Game Rescheduling form on the Forms page.  Deadline is August 24 at noon.

For how to rescheduling games, see the Policies and Procedures document.

The Final game schedule will be posted on the evening of August 24.

7/25/13 Status of team registrations...there is still time for late registrations through noon on August 3

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As of July 24, the current number of registered teams in each age group is as follows:

     2  in U10B

     3  in U10G   
     4  in U12B   

     3  in U12G  

There is still time for late entries until noon on August 3.  There are several coaches/managers who have indicated they are trying to pull together teams and may still enter (and perhaps others who have not contacted me).


  1. Team scheduling requests are no longer being accepted (the deadline was July 24).

  2. Your club’s Field Coordinator MUST submit the online form for Field Availability Form no later than noon on August 4.

  3. If you do not already have a valid Risk Management Pass from NYSW, please request one through your club ASAP as this is a busy time of year for Risk Management Passes. You can’t be on the team sidelines without the pass. In addition to the head coach, there should be at least one other person with a Risk Management pass, so that we don’t need to cancel a game if the head coach is suddenly unavailable. FYI, most clubs also recommend that team managers have a Risk Management Pass.

By the end of the day August 3, the late entries will processed, the list of registered teams will be updated, and an email will be sent to all coaches and managers of registered teams.

7/11/13 Team registration and other forms are now available. Sign up by July 24.

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The TCSFL 2013 Team Registration form can be downloaded from the forms page.  Complete the paper form and return it and payment to the Fall League Coordinator by July 24, or return it between July 25 and Aug 3 noon with a $25 late fee added.

There is also an online form that teams can complete to request dates to be avoided for game scheduling.  This is due by July 24; no exceptions.

A Field Availability online form is also available; your club Field Coordinator should complete this no later than August 4 at noon.

7/3/13 Fall League web pages have been updated for 2013

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Team Registration form and payment are due to the Fall League Coordinator by  July 24.  You may also submit a Team Scheduling Request form (online form available soon and due on the same date).
Though late registrations will be accepted (with an additional $25 late fee) through August 3, 2013 at noon, teams who register late cannot make requests for team scheduling.

Forms are being updated and should be available by July 10.

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