FALL LEAGUE - Summary of fees and fines

A list of fees and possible fines appears below.   Fines assessed to teams this year are listed here.
Deadlines are listed here.

Team registration fee:   $50 for U10
                                      $75 for U12

Late registrations
Add $25 late fee

Team withdrawal
  • after registration and before the late registration period:  forfeiture of the league registration fee
  • after the late registration and prior to the end of the grace period:  forfeiture of the league registration fee and an additional $100 penalty
  • after the end of the grace period: forfeiture of the league registration fee plus an additional $200 penalty.  This fee is also assessed to any team who does not play half its scheduled games (forfeit and late cancellation fees will also be assessed to the team).

Failure to submit a signed Code of Conduct and NYSW team roster by the deadline: $10

These documents *must* be received prior to a team playing their first game.

Referee fees to be paid by *each* team prior to the start of a game

  Referee and mentor: $40 per team
  Referee only  $20 per team
  3 referees: $44 per team
   2 referees: $35 per team
   1 referee: $29 per team

Game forfeit, on field forfeit or previously cancelled game not made up:   $75

A forfeited game is also subject to a late game cancellation fee.  Forfeited game cannot be re-scheduled.

Send off $25

This fine is charged to any team that has an affiliated coach or spectator asked to leave a game site or a player who is shown a red card. The fine is per person and per occurrence, and must be paid before the player, coach or other such person can resume playing or attending games.

Failure to submit a timely game report:  $5 per occurrence 

Game reports are due from BOTH teams by 9pm on the Monday following

Late game cancellations (within 2 weeks of a scheduled game)

 Age group
 1-24hrs 25-48 hrs
 49-72 hrs
 73-96 hrs
 97-120 hrs
 5-14 days
  U10 $80 $64 $48$32
  U12 $88 $70.40$52.80

Late game rescheduling fees (with less than 5 days notice)

  Age group  1-24 hrs
 25-48 hrs 49-72 hrs 73-96 hrs
   U10 $32 $24$16
   U12 $35.20$26.40