Tompkins County Soccer - Fall League


The Tompkins County Soccer Fall League will not be offered in 2014 (and beyond).


In 2013, the number of teams entering TCS-FL was down significantly due to some teams entering the Expressway Fall League and other teams choosing to play friendlies rather than enter a league. From information gathered by LSC, it appears that the number of teams interested in TCS-FL will continue to decline. Though it was a difficult decision to make, the Lansing Soccer Club decided at their April meeting that it did not make sense to conduct the league in the Fall of 2014.


THE GOOD NEWS: Broome County Soccer Association (BCSA) now offers a BCSA-Fall League to compliment the BCSA-Spring League.  The Lansing Soccer Club believes that the wealth of experience that the BCSA has in running the well established BCSA Spring League will carry over to that organization's running of a successful fall league.  

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