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Coaches' Corner

(DRAFT, under construction)
This page is intended to provide all the information that coaches need to register teams with LSC.
Coaches or managers who have questions or need clarification on policies should contact a board member.

Key points for coaches

  • All coaches and managers of teams registered through LSC must possess a NYSWYSA Risk Management (RM) pass.  Contact the LSC Registrar to obtain or renew your RM pass. 
  • It is the coach's responsibility to understand and abide by the rules of the league or tournament in which the team plays.
  • Unless required by a league or facility, LSC will not submit payment for registration fee, fines or other fees for individual teams. 
  • Coaches are responsible for, and will reimburse the Club for payments made on behalf of individual teams.  E.g., team registration and referee assignor fees for BCSA-FL and BCSA-SL leagues require that registrations and payments are submitted by the club rather than by individual teams.
  • When not included in the league fee, teams are responsible for paying referee fees (at the time of the game) and referee assignor fees assessed to the club.
  • Any fine imposed on a team (or player) is the responsibility of the team (or player) and should be paid promptly (generally within two weeks of the fine being imposed).  Overdue fines which must be paid by LSC will result in the team being placed in "bad standing" until the fines are reimbursed to the club.  Repeated violations may result in the team's ejection from LSC.

Player/team registration details

   Player Registration

  • Annually, players must complete the Player Registration Form so that LSC can register the player with NYSWYSA. There is an annual fee (as listed on the form) which each player must pay; players will not be registered until the registration fee is paid to LSC.  Players belonging to another club and already registered with NYSWYSA will receive a discount on the annual fee.
  • To determine/verify a player's age group, consult the NYSWYSA Age Matrix.  Note that beginning in the 2016-17 season, age groups will be based on the calendar year.
  • If the player has never before registered with NYSWYSA, proof of age will be required before the player can be registered.

              See the Player Registration page for more details and the associated forms.

   Team Registration

  • Most Leagues (including BCSA-FL, BCSA-SL, WL at The Field, and Thruway) and most tournaments require an official team roster.  Often there is a maximum number of players permitted.
  • Players must be registered with NYSWYSA before they can be added to a roster
  • The roster indicates the age group of the team; every player must be eligible for the age group.  In general, Players may play "up"  in age group, though some leagues have some restrictions.

   Player Passes

  •    Some leagues and tournaments require player passes in addition to NYSWYSA rosters; others require only a NYSWYSA roster.
  Player passes required
  BCSA-SL (U12 and up)
  Thruway League
  State Cup
  some tournaments
No players passes needed
   Expressway League
   some tournaments 
  • Coach/Manager must request player passes from the Registrar and include payment of $8 per pass at least 2 weeks in advance of when needed.  Be sure to indicate if any of the players need a secondary pass rather than a primary pass.
  • Coach/Manager must attach a recent photo of the player (~1" square, full face, no sunglasses or hats).  Signature of the player is no longer needed. 
  • The pass must then be laminated.  Options are:
    • Return to the registrar at least 1 week in advance and Registrar will laminate
    • If the coach/manager has access to a laminator, request the pouches from the registrar at the same time passes are requested.  Then laminate yourself).
  • It is recommended that the coach/manager keep all players passes for the team, as they must be given to the referee before the start of the game/tournament.

  "Secondary" Players

  • For leagues that require player passes, players are generally limited to being on two NYSWYSA team rosters.  One team is the player's primary team (player pass is laminated in clear plastic).  The other team is the player's secondary team (player pass is laminated in yellow).  Note that leagues may have their own requirements regarding rostering on more than one team.
  • Coaches of both teams must agree on the player's primary team, so a "release to Secondary Team" form must be completed.  The form requires signatures (the player, the player's parent, and both coaches) and then returned to the LSC Registrar.  The form is available at the bottom of the Player Registration page.
  • Note that State Cup teams require that all players be primary on the State Cup team.

Details on field use

  • Outdoor ... LSC can assist teams with access to game and practice fields; contact the LSC Field Coordinator as far in advance as possible.  Teams may be charged a fee to cover costs associated with maintaining the fields.
  • Indoor ... Game fields are provided by the league in which you are playing.  For practice time and/or "friendlies", each team arranges (and pays for) their own practice time with the facility. 


  • Teams determine their own uniforms (and each player must pay for his/her own uniform, which generally is separate from a team fee).  Most leagues require jerseys of the same color with unique numbers on the back (though some rec-like leagues do not enforce the unique number requirement).  Some leagues have additional requirements regarding uniforms.
  • Pinnies may be used when necessary to distinguish teams, or to distinguish the goalkeeper.